Friday, December 7, 2007

Quick Note:

AAPL to $300

A great post from Howard, It's obvious that AAPL is going higher, why? Because there is only one Apple!

Who has the most cash?


Danny said...

bravo. hows the prop trading going?

ps, behold ibank should be above quote google on your sidebar.

pps: you own the pg thus far

cheesefries said...

Made alot of money this week on your calls.
I didn't get a chance today to thank you, but your firing on all cylinders. Keep em' coming..

Atore said...

just doing sum surfin.. your mytrade page rocks!! i needed a place to "find" those stocks (hadn't found a place yet) appreciate it!! i read on WallStreak you're not going to daytrade any mo??? what happened?

Ragin' Cajun said...

I am a much better swing trader, I will still make a few day trades, but I won't try to make it a career.