Friday, December 7, 2007

More Solar Fun

It is amazing to see these stocks move, take a look at CSIQ. I have been all over this name.

The rest of the usual suspect are moving as well:

My two favorites: STP & CSIQ. Check out this notable call on STP.

If I did not own any solar in my portfolio, and wanted to invest in this space, my top pick would be STP.


ainkurn said...

my favorite solar stock has to be FSLR. Traded it a dozen times the last two weeks. Missed a huge trade today. I outlined the trade on the blog.

rob said...


Do you trade options? I'm thinking about open a new account at either OptionsXpress or ThinkorSwim. If you do, any advices on either (regarding pricing, plarform, charting, etc.) is greatly appreciated.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Thinkorswim, i just open ac account I love it!

Scott Crawford said...

Okay, under the heading of better late than never, adding a small position in STP.

Thanks for the link to the call.
Basking in the sun.

Anonymous said...


I am with you on FSLR!
I have maintained a core call position since last april (bought at $80) and trade around it. Shave off on rallies buy on panic!

Longer term FSLR is the EXXON of Solar. GRID parity by 2010-2011 means profitability without
subsidies and tightly managed copy perfect production process enhances its global competitive advantage.

I intend to hold until 2012!

Other solars are heavily subsidized (except for SPWR) and will burst once this solar bubble is punctuated.

1 of GOD's who is overwhelmed by a banner 2007!

rob said...

Thanks RC. By the way, do they allow day trading (or swing trading) options in IRA accounts?

Danny said...

hahaha i hope not