Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Premarket Moves

With another bad quarter from BWLD, I decided to let 3/4 of my position go. I still love the company, but 2 misses = sell in my book. I plan to look for a re-entry point at later date, the company still has plenty of room to grow. I also decided to take my profits in UA after the cautious note from Citigroup.

As for GRMN, I believe stock is oversold in premarket. I want to hear the call before I take any action. The company reported $0.88 vs. 0.82, which looks like another great quarter. However, the company is caught up in a bidding war for Tele Atlas.

Update: Sold GRMN @ 113.50


ShortDaBull said...

UA management didn't blame weather for anything. The inventory jump they explained as needing to stock up as they run out of product last year. And most of the extra inventory is comprised of their key hot selling products.

The stuff on notable calls is complete nonsense.

lol, i love wall street bs spin :-)

ShortDaBull said...

oh and another thing, management at UA is very conservative with their guidance. reminds me of apple. they will smash Q4.

listen to the CC, ragin. you'll be buying back the stock.

Danny said...

er UA, you see goldmans take? claim they missed because the new guidance actually implied a 2 penny slow down, or something. kinda glossed over it

ShortDaBull said...

yeah their FY07 rev guidance does imply lowered revenue for q4 but they are just being conservative.

ShortDaBull said...

q3 was supposed to be slow because of the warm weather, yet they beat by 6 cents.

now, when the weather gets cold, cold gear will fly off the shelfs.

I just love this company at this point of their growth. building momentum, expanding to new lines (always a risk their but they've executed quite nicely so far) They aren't mainstream yet, where middle aged men wear their clothes, but that will happen.

Just love the branding and the cool factor that Nike used to have in the 90's.