Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Late Night Update

Tomorrow will be fun! Interest rates will be cut, but by how much? That is the million dollar question. I have come to two possible scenarios:

The first outcome, the FED cuts and the market moves higher until year end. The second, the market sells off hard and creates what will be know as the Halloween massacre. My money is on the first.

It's possible we see a delayed reaction from the FED meeting, so make sure to hold your ground. It may just be me, but doesn't it feel like the market is ready to explode to the upside?

Sad Note: With all the money I spend at Buffalo Wild Wings, you would think they could beat estimates. I'm not sure what to do with the stock. I love the company, but that's two bad quarters in a row.

Note II: Should we see weakness at the open I will be all over UA-- adding to my position.

A little reverse psychology: Die GRMN, die!


Danny said...

people are neither excessively fat, nor excessively ugly, viz., NTRI & BWLD

Danny said...

I said ugly, but I meant hungry. fruedian slip, I usppose, since both stocks suck a boar's ass.

William G. Cash said...

I'm getting sick of these FED meetings already.

ainkurn said...

sorry about the hit you took on GRMN and BWLD. i would probably ditch BWLD and hold GRMN. im looking to get into some UA today as well.