Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Solar

Right off the opening bell the solars were running. Bluedog on WallStreak, pointed out JASO was on fire. I then decided to look at other solar plays and found FSLR. I entered on the sixth bar (5 min. chart) on what looked to be a reversal.

JASO was running, so I knew there was a chance FSLR would pop. Sure enough, as soon as I made my purchase, it was off to the races. The stock held support (first yellow line), so I knew there was still potential upside. Once the price hit $105, I decided to book some profits and sold partial. Then, when support was broken (second yellow line), I decided to exit-- selling the rest at $103.97


Bluedog said...

That's what I like to see!!!!! Well done! :)



Nice trade Ragin' .....I think I bought the shares you sold at 105 :^)

I read the call that you entered on WallStreak in the 100 area....good entry. Nice trade.