Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Few Charts of Interest

Pinoy Trader, is one of the best traders I follow, I find many great ideas from his blog. The charts above, were included in his recent list of stocks he owns or is considering buying. Keep an eye out for these stocks, and make sure to visit his blog. Keep up the good work Pinoy.


Woodshedder said...

Ragin, for, I pull up the annotated version, and then function/alt/printscreen it.

Then I open up paint.exe, paste it, and then save it. Then I open up a photo editor to crop and adjust as necessary to publish.

How do you get bigcharts to post like that? I haven't been able to figure them out.

Ragin' Cajun said...


I save file (chart), open it in paint, draw lines with the toolbox from paint. I then drag the chart to the top left hand side, and crop the picture by moving the right bottom corner to fit chart. I finally figured it out.

Bluedog said...

I like the AMZN chart, in particular. Nice bullish wedge.