Thursday, August 2, 2007

JSDA: Bought @ 14.50

Jones Soda set to report after the close. Noting more than a dice roll.

How about ERTS, broke resistance and going higher. Fly, how many of your weekend bloggers made you money? Well, I have another long day today, I will update you later tonight. Gotta run....


Danny said...

well, on fly's site, as weekend blogger, I suggested AAPL at 105 to go to 366, It's well on it's way. And DLB. And HANS video, if you bought off that, mid-thirties to the 40's. But if you mean new couold have traded VLCM from 44 to 50. Sore subject?

ANYWAY CONGRATS ON ERTS YOU SALTED BASTARD!!!!! that was a good-ass call.

re vlcm, buy at 30-32. It will make it back, just a bad qtr, I've already firebombed their HQ, what more can you do.

Gio said...

You may want to keep TTWO on your radar. They're down on delay of their top video game.

I sold VLCM today... I'll buy it again when it trades above its 200ma... it is stupidly oversold,m200&a=&c=

Danny said...

and here I am, buying