Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pair Your Longs with Shorts

Damn this market sucks. Just when I thought I had a win in GGB, it takes a dive, not to mention my oil service plays are also taking a hit.

My only saving grace is that I'm short GOOG, DE, & a few others.

Trying to trade this market will make you sick, when all else fails, just pick a name and go short.

New Lows anyone?


boca said...

Watch MOS, is a little correction in the making today?

I still like SLB, watching for a good entry for a swing trade. Held onto my OMNI and CPST shares, still have a good feeling on those for a longer term trade.

Overall market seems very choppy today.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Very choppy

Romeo Bravo said...

Quad witching guys, not making it any easier. I'm hanging on to my Goog bear call spread and not adding anything much until Monday. To much volatility here and way to may chances to be wrong.

JakeGint said...

Yes, please.

Still long RS, TMR, my Canadian royals (which I'll never sell), and NRP.

Shorting more W(hat)T(he)F(uck)C(ompany).

I have to, it has the perfect symbol.

The Money Paradise said...

an intelligent strategy. gud bet


Interesting stocks.

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