Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nothing is Safe!

Stocks got destroyed today, and it looks like it may get worse with INTC's report. How low can the market fall? This guy seems to think about another 10%.

I had a busy afternoon, so I set a few stops before I left. I was stopped out my AAPL position today @ $170. This is huge for me, I have been in AAPL since $60, and have been building my position for sometime. I thought for sure if there was one stock that would hold up through this mess, it would be AAPL. I was wrong, nothing is safe from this market.

I was also stopped out a few other names, here is an update on my current portfolio:


I love GOOG, point blank. STP is the cheapest name in the solar sector, and I want to have some exposure. SIGM is a play off Blu-ray. I really believe it will hit mainstream, and the stock has been killed lately, I like it here. The other 2 positions I have are Short ETFs, and boy does it feel good to bet agaist the market.

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