Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Day

The title sums up the day, it was great to be long! I bought STP at a great price today, and plan to let it run a little while before taking profits. Solar should run higher after the report from WFR, just take a look at the sector-- it has been murdered.

MSFT also reported a great quarter, it should give a lift to the market in the morning. I would be early in taking profits, I don't think many people want to be long going into the weekend. Plus, if we don't get another cut from Ben, kiss your gains goodbye!

Today was amazing, I mean stocks ripped the heads of the short sellers-- just take a look at BIDU! It's kind of upsetting seeing so many stocks higher. I feel I missed out on the bounce, and absolutely refuse to buy here.

However, there are some I'm tempted to buy: MELI, AMZN, & NVDA

I will try to post some charts later on tonight.


Anonymous said...


I also refuse to buy more BIDU which is expected to open at around
$320 today. Buy on a Dip before earnings 13/2?

I am thinking of adding to our
FSLR position which (like STP) was
dragged down by poor earnings from
SPWR! Look at BRCM/RIMM where we have a lot of call options which are going to bounce today!

1 of GOD' s servants!

Who is still playing ball and have managed to preserve capital. My, this selloff has been brutal!

Ragin' Cajun said...

it sure has.


My my my yes it has been a long day indeed.