Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did We Hit Bottom?

  • A few great traders are thinking about calling it quits: HPT & Deh Trader
  • I am in cash (that never happens)
  • Cramer thinks so (wait, maybe we are headed lower)
  • Green Writer has an interesting take
My guess, we move higher effectively bringing everybody back in, then we drop to new lows.

5 stars for the guy who put together this clip:


Anonymous said...


I just transfer more $ Cash into our (my wife's and my) trading account to buy more call options on Baidu and maybe Apple. As you know BAIDU is still our largest position and the story
keeps on getting better every day!

Japan, E-commerce roll, explosive profits and guidance and Shanghai listing is going to make this baby
Google explode to $ 5000 long term.

Wish me luck! (yes I am still holding FSLR call options but sold
my Apple at $ 185!).

Our financial shorts in hedge funds have worked out well!

I of GOD' s servants!

Ragin' Cajun said...

Great call on BIDU


The bottom has been reached.