Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 MadStock of the Year

Apollo Group, Inc. (APOL)

Congrats to Zillionaire for picking the 2007 MadStock of the year. If your would have bought APOL at the beginning of 2007, you would have had an 80% gain. Great job Zillionaire!

Apollo Group, is an education provider, operating the University of Phoenix.

Note: Here is a list of positive performers in the 2007 contest.

Note II: Large bill's pick in ESLR is up over 119%, however he picked a stock under $10.

Note III: Bullish Jim's pick, MLS, gained a quick 30% as the company was acquired in early 2007. Congrats to Jim, we love buyout candidates.

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Jamie said...

Hey RC,

If I understand the rules correctly - NVDA closed on Dec 31 2007 at $24.68 and closed Dec 31, 2008 at $33.01. That's an increase of 37.5% - good enough for the number 2 spot?