Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long-term, 20 Week on AAPL

I am currently holding a lot of AAPL stock. Why? I love the company, and believe there is still room for growth. In my opinion, the Mac, which is Apple's personal computer, has yet to take off. Best Buy has just begun to sell these computers. In the next conference call, I believe we will see a number, from their Mac sales, that will blow everybody away.

Quarterly numbers/Conference call - January 22, 2008

My plan, buy more every time it touch the 20 day, and exit when it falls below that line. It is time to buy people! AAPL = Holy Grail


Anonymous said...

It is below MA(20) and MA(50)
Chart is wrong

Skyb0x said...

Hey RC - Holy Grail set-up (as I understand it) should also include a gentle pullback or consolidation while the 20 ma catches up with price. In Apple's case, it looks like a high volume pullback to the 20 weekly ma.... Another addition to the Holy Grail (mentioned recently by Stewie on a Wallstreak post - he said he's never mentioned it before) is to have a strong RSI of 60 or above. AAPL has 38 (if my reading is correct on weekly)....I would certainly babysit your current position. I hope it pays off for you though.


Ragin' Cajun said...

Thanks for the comment Sky, I will do more research on the set-up.

Anon, chart is not wrong, look on a weekly, not daily.

kittoo said...

hey rc.. market is looking into next quarter not this quarter. Everybody knows they are gonna blow away this quarter.Because of this financials, market conditions and consumer spending it will be interesting to see how this is gonna effect apple which is a premium sigment on computers in the next quarter. Consumers will settle for a Dell Computer rather than Apple. Also apple is also not a global play and it mostly tied to US. Also on the ADX indicator DI+ is downtrending and DI- is uptrending. So becareful with the stock. I feel it has more downtrand than up.

Note: I like your posts on ibankcoin and this blog.

Bluedog said...

Hey Ragin,

Apple closed at 172.69.

EMA 20 is 187.84
EMA 50 is 182.33
EMA 200 is 142.16

Like many other stocks last Thursday and Friday, AAPL broke MA50. It looks like it's consolidating with good support at 170, though. I think Macworld will pop it back up over MA 50. I hold a good number of shares as well.


TVH said...

RC, I've been with you on AAPL up to this week. This quarter will blow the estimates away but even AAPL won't be able to weather a consumer slow-down in spending. I use 15-SMA and this week, AAPL broke below it on high volume as others have mentioned. Also, the weak action this week ahead of MacWorld shows there are a lot of nervous holders. Stick with your own analysis but I would suggest switching to call options to limit your downside, if you're holding the stock. A terrific announcement and Fed bailout may prove that this is indeed a holy-grail set-up. Personally, I will be looking for a short set-up on any strength. Good luck!

Ragin' Cajun said...

Thanks for the comments guys, this is why I started this blog. It is really helpful to hear the other side of the story. Thanks guys!

Ragin' Cajun said...

It appears the chart from bigcharts is wrong on the 2yr. However when you bring up the 5yr chart, the price sits right @ 170

Ragin' Cajun said...

nontheless, AAPL is a buy with a stop @ 170.

Woodshedder said...

Cajun, on a weekly chart, the 20 setting for moving averages becomes a 20 week average, not a 20 day average. Hope this helps.

For example, when tracking a fitty day average on a weekly, I use the 10 setting, as 10 weeks equals 50 days.

So, you'll want to set one of your moving averages as 4 when using weekly charts to get a 20 day average.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Got it Woody, thanks.

BTW, did you get my email?