Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a Day!

Talk about an exciting day. I made some good money trading a few stocks today, and even made good coin shorting AKAM. Talk about a steal buying RIMM @ 117. Only if I had more capital to trade with, I think I could have easily made a million dollars (or blown myself to pieces).

It's funny though, just the other day people were paying $430 for BIDU, now people are begging you to take it from them @ $350. It so fun watching people panic. Me, I show no emotion when I trade, it's only green paper!

Note: NVDA is a buy here with earnings out of the way.

More updates later tonight....


Bubs said...

Great trading today

Dinosaur Trader said...

Hey, are you going to join the VO when you go live with Remata?


ainkurn said...

RC, I started to take the RIMM trade with you today, but I got distracted trading YM futures. By the way, thanks for the link on your site. I have gotten a good bit of traffic whoring off you.

Reese said...

"it's only green paper"
You got that right, RC. And it isn't backed by shiiiit nowadays.
Congrats on a good day. You've been red-hot with your calls over on Wallstreak.