Tuesday, November 6, 2007


If you were wondering how my day went, lets just say JASO is now my largest position and it is still moving higher in after hours. Also, check out MA, I'm heavy in that name as well-- the stock goes to $225. Click here for the rest of my holdings.

Take a look at JASO, could we see another leg up?

When I said FSLR was going to $200, did you think I was joking? Up 21 bucks today, in my opinion any pullback in this stock should be bought.

The one that got away:
With everything moving higher at the open, I missed DIVX. I love trading breaks from the opening range (especially on earning), DIVX was on my watchlist, but I missed the trade. Take a look at the chart, this is why I love the set-up.

Note: How about some NVDA?


jpm said...

Ragin, which prop firm will you be working with, and specifically what advantage will you have?

Anonymous said...

heyy glad your day is going well! this one site i go to is pretty helpful with my picks. check it out~

Ragin' Cajun said...


email me: matt504bt@gmail.com