Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Links

Visa files for IPO

Cramer Video: Bet on Best Buy.

I had a bad day today.

Looking back on downtrends and uptrends

Hot blogs. Amazing, I made the list.

Trader AJ has a good post on the sinking dollar.

This guy wants to short the OIH, I like this play.

More great links can be found here.


cheesefries said...
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cheesefries said...

Bulger had a turnaround game, at one point I thought the defense was going to give it away.
Haslett did a poor job coaching in the 2nd half. The Saints had 2 nice onside kicks, should and could have been at least 1 more Saint possession.

We finally got a win.. at last..

Ragin' Cajun said...


That was a pitiful performance on the Saints part.

Are you from St. Louis? I might be moving around that area.

cheesefries said...

I live there part of the time, and keep south when the weather turns. I grew up here and went to college at Stl.U. Where in STL are you planning on moving?
If your looking for a happening place I would look at the Washington Ave. area downtown. They have some nice 2000sqf+ lofts within walking distance of Busch and the EdJones Dome. Many cool bars and trendy restaurants. They're getting ready to open a 15 story Casino/4 Seasons Hotel called Lumiere Place.

I lived downtown before I got married, and it's the place to be. At 30, I had to give that lifestyle up. Good times though..