Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Solar Stocks

Do you think I draw up little charts using the paint program for fun? When I take the time to doodle on a chart it may be worth something, odd no? I really have nothing else to say except check the after hour price.

My favorite solar plays: JASO, SPWR, TSL, STP, ESLR, & WFR. Take a look at a few pure plays, how's that for YTD % change. "Life is good when you own solar energy."


sloth said...

Hello. Listen to the bull. Trust the bull. Cajun is a good guy. Might be a little over confident at times but at least he doesn't talk shit and bitch on this site.. Now wheres my recipe! ;] It better be down south authentic!

Another bull


IIO said...

Nice going!

Danny said...

madprops on the flsr.

ainkurn said...

WOW, FSLR just took off. you should be "banking coin". I was tempted to take a small position before the market closed, but alas, I haven't the balls for earnings roulette.