Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Morning News

The futures are up huge this morning. We had a good report from HPQ & JWN. China also had a turn around day, and ended higher for the day-- which seems to be helping futures. There is also talk of an emergency FED meeting. Too many people are short, we are due for a nice bounce, my only fear is that the rally will be sold.

From Between the Hedges:
- Reiterated Buy on (TGT), target $66. TGT’s November sales are tracking in-line with the company’s original guidance. We believe the arrival of more favorable weather in November has helped to drive sales of seasonal and cold weather items during the month.
- Reiterated Buy on (HOLX), target $74.
- Reiterated Buy on (MSFT), target $41.
- Reiterated Buy on (JWN), target $52.


Anonymous said...

A nice bounce -- about time! Wonder how the volume today is going to be like, hopefully not a trickle.


IIO said...

yeah, if we don't sustain this bounce, that would certainly be a negative. That FNM news is sure not helping at this point.

What happened to the Contest link?