Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Go Bulls

This is what I like to see! Another strong day, lets only hope we close strong. I will not be buying into this rally, mainly because I have already done my buying.

Haven't you noticed? I was buying AAPL all the way down, it is by far my largest position and equals over 50% of my portfolio. You see, I made a decision when this whole debacle started that I would focus on the stock I thought would have the best Christmas, AAPL. I started building this position as it was pushed lower. When the stock was trading near $200, I couldn't wait for a pullback, well I got one and took advantage of it.

I find in market mayhem I do my best when I don't over trade. I look for strong stocks to pullback and buy in wide scales. So far it has worked to my advantage.

Go Bulls!


Anonymous said...

Way to go with AAPL!

I am long BIDU, FSLR, RIMM.
All BIG CAP SUPER FAST GROWING TECHs with Large international exposure. BIDU and FSLR have 100% and RIMM will explode once CHINA sales get going.I sold my long AAPL position yesterday due to US consumer exposure. If the market is strong it might easily reach $200 but I am concerned about the outlook for Q1 2008.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I'm not concerned at all, have you been to a best buy lately? There is now a huge display of Mac computers. I'm not even thinking of iPods anymore.

AAPL is gaining market share with personal computers, at an alarming rate!

AAPL to $300

Anonymous said...

You are right on target with MAC's
Sales as the main driver.
50% of sales, especially MAC laptops grabbing market share from HP, DELL every day (so far growing 3X faster than competitors)
component prices plunging (higher margins). Q4 2007 will be blow out!
Yes $200 by Christmas is a given!

I am still concerned about Q1 outlook 2008 which will not match up to expectations. I am looking at buying on weakness in februari/march 2008. In the meantime I hope to enjoy the ride
with BIDU, FSLR and RIMM.

God bless You!

Scott Crawford said...

Long AAPL, BBY, GLW and Santa