Thursday, November 15, 2007


The title sums up my day! I tried to daytrade today's tape and got whipsawed by mother market. I anticipated to hold my VMW position as a swing, but as the market turned around I sold to lock in some profits. I then decided to short a few stocks only to have the market run up on me. Done for the day, maybe done for the week.

This is an ugly tape with both the bulls and the bears trying to take control, it may be wise just to sit on the sidelines. However it is worth noting we could be near a double bottom, and that could effectively send stocks higher. We will see!

Update: Bought LDK in after hours.

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ainkurn said...

we are on the same page with frustration. I made one bad trade yesterday morning for a small loss and it screwed up the rest of my trading day. i missed countless opportunities both long and short. by the end of the day i was totally exhausted from the frustration. luckily one of my swing positions finally went my way and I was able to bank some good profits.

are you still in GRMN, it's gapping up huge this morning on the TeleAtlas news