Saturday, October 13, 2007

Late Night Update

Remember the cautious post I wrote about the iPod Touch? Well here is an update. After speaking with many "Apple nerds", they all told me the same thing, "Week 36 & 37 were the ones with problems." I found a forum that basically said the same thing. The two I bought were made in week 37 with Corinne Bailey Rae on the front cover-- they were defective. The good news is that the problem wasn't wide spread, just a few weeks of bad production. I do not believe this will weigh on Apple's stock, and will continue to buy it up to $200/share.

Late day buy: BHI Bought @ 96.02 (new position-- did not get a chance to post). Here is my updated MyTrade page with current open positions.

Also, I am warming up to UA, any more weakness and I will be buying-- earnings out at the end of the month. Keep in mind we are in football season, a great season for Under Armour. Oh yea, one more thing, give me some wings.

Note: Here is another great post from Chris Perruna.

Note II: Stocks that guide higher.

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