Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Not That Bad

out there! I'm experiencing nice gains in ISRG GOOG AAPL VMW, even UA and AEO are up today. I almost bought NOV down $4 this morning, but chickened out-- it could have been a good trade.

I do not believe we see a crash in the markets, and will continue to look for stocks on sale. VMI looks cheap, and I may pick up a few shares here-- have you seen the wild fires in California?

It's worth noting that my iPod Touch came in today, straight from Apple-- flawless. Is it coincidence that I receive my brand new Touch, without any problems, the day Apple reports? I think not. We will hit news highs before year end, and Apple will hit $200 soon.

It is also worth noting that many of the banks were downgraded today, but for some reason are trading higher-- even CFC is higher. Bottom? Oil is also lower, which I like, and take a look at MRK. C'mon, we are going higher!

Note: If AAPL sells off after the report, I will load up on call options.

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