Friday, October 26, 2007

Closing Bell

I had a great day with many of my positions moving higher. I think the best part of my day was defeating DT & Bubs in our death match. The penalty for losing? Next week DT will change his icon on Wallstreak to the above link (DT & Bubs), and Bubs will sell-out his beloved Bears for the New Orleans Saints.

Today I set up trades for next week, with a position in GRMN (earnings out next week), AAPL (Going to $200), and LGF (Saw 4). I can't wait to see Saw 4, and I can't wait to see DT on Wallstreak next week. Life is good, we are going higher!

Off to work. Go visit my weekend sponsor, updates coming all weekend.......


High Probability Trader said...

Holy crap DT, that is some gay ass avatar your gonna have to sport for a week. I'd rather have a third tier blog over being that GAY.

Rajin- Livin it up.

cheesefries said...

Just saw this on Engadget, it's a screen shot of the new Apple Leopard OSX. The screen shot shows the new feature called Time Machine that auto backups your system to an external hard drive. The screen shot shows that external hard drive to be a mybook, which is made by WDC.

WDC MYBOOK used in demo of Leopard on

Anonymous said...

Not that I care, but I was in on that bet with RC and I picked out the sweeeet icon.. Revenge is sweet even if it wasnt DougSF... :)

Cheers- Sloth.