Friday, October 5, 2007

Buying More AAPL

I just bought the new iPod Touch, and I must say the device is simply amazing. Apple will have the best holiday season of its existence, led by massive sales in the iPhone, iTouch, Nano, & iMac.This new product, the iTouch, is a game changer!

I love this little device!

The main reason I passed on the iPhone was the additional internet monthly fee, you needed this to activate your phone. Well, with the iTouch, there is no fee! I now have a laptop/PDA in my pocket with unlimited internet access-- no monthly internet fee! This is huge!

I am buying more stock, and a few of these. If RIMM can hit $300 in a few months, why can't Apple do the same?

This is by far the best product line-up Apple has put together, and Christmas is right around the corner.

The new iPod Touch and Nano are currently sold out in my area. The numbers for the current quarter will be huge, guidance will be revised, and the stock price will continue to make new highs.


StockRake said...

I bought a new Ipod nano for my wife and considering replacing my old nano with an Itouch.

I agree with you though, best product line in years.

Dinosaur Trader said...

My ipod from 2 years back is dead.

I wonder if the iTouch will die too? I wish their stuff lasted longer but I guess as far as stock price goes, that may actually help it until a better competitor comes along with more stable products.