Monday, October 8, 2007

Apple iPod Problems

I had to return my second iPod touch today due to the interface freezing up. Apple acknowledges this problem, and has supplied a new software update to fix the problem. Well, I downloaded the update twice, and the problem was still there. I spoke to several electronic retail stores today, and they all said the same thing, "About fifty percent of the iPods sold recently, iTouch and Nano, have been returned due to the interface problems." I'm not sure if the problem is widespread, but I am cautious, thus selling a portion of my position. I will do some further checks, let me know if you hear anything.


John said...

Hope u have more bad news tomorrow so we can go up 4% again.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I'm still bullish on the stock, just cautious. I still believe the stock can reach $300 soon.

Bluedog said...

I hope the interface problems are an isolated incident. AAPL has potential to hit $200 this year, if all goes well and holiday sales are as expected.


Ragin' Cajun said...

I agree 100%

Dinosaur Trader said...

I think their products are shit... my iPod broke a year ago. I brought it in and fixed it once but it broke again 2 weeks later. I haven't bothered again.

Basically though, without strong competition, they're home and dry. If anyone develops something similar though, I think the stock will finally decline.