Saturday, September 22, 2007

Play Ball

I love reading Howard's blog, the guy knows his stuff when it come to investing in equities. I love his ability to spot trends, exploit them, and profit. I recently spoke to him about GOOG's stock, and he believes that search is in inning one.

Well if GOOG, a dominant player in the game, has eight more innings to play, the game has just started. Think about it, when you arrive at a ball game in the bottom of the first, you don't say, "Hey guys, the game is over we can go home now." No. You say, "Grab me a pack of peanuts and a cold one, we are in for a great game."

Well I say, "Grab me a few shares off GOOG, EBAY, & AMZN, it's time to play ball!"

1 comment:

howard said...

i flipped out of google at 32, mistake. That stock in the 20's was a freaking giveaway. I remember writing about it