Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Internet

Sticking with the weekend theme, lets take a look at a few charts. Do you notice a trend? Many stocks in the sector are at or near a 52 week high.

With oil & gas prices at record levels, it makes sense to do your holiday shopping on the net. Recent data shows us that many consumers are moving towards the internet for their shopping needs, and the numbers are growing-- fast! Historically speaking, the sector tends to outperform in the 4th quarter. I believe the trend will continue, and the sector still has room to run.


newequity said...

You buy first.

Exactly my point mad.

LargeBill said...

What is the second half to that story? If you buy online someone has to deliver the goods. I realize trucking companies will be impacted by fuel costs, but they will pass a lot of that increase to their customers. FDX looks cheap here.