Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Good Day

Well I had another good day, as you can see here. By the way, I love what Andy and his team are doing with mytrade.com. OK back to business, I feel stocks will not be on sale much longer and the time to buy is now. I have ammunition ready to fire on all dips, this will be a record setting "fall season" in the market, you just wait and see.

Stocks absolutely ran away today, and I was upset I did not buy more at the open. I had my finger on AMZN but was reluctant to buy it up a dollar-- I should have bought! Look stocks are going higher! If, and I mean if, we have another significant dip I might just sell everything I own, so I can buy more stock. Give me stock, and give me A LOT!

Note: The .com is back. You can now type in madstocks.com to view my site. I envision selling my domain name along with the blogspot name one day, and moving my blog to this site. I'll start the bidding at 0.50 cents, do I have any takers? Thought not.


Andy Swan said...

So much Green! You are HOT HOT HOT :)

Ragin' Cajun said...

Thanks Andy, but I'm not feeling so Hot today.