Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Why did I not buy CFC around $15? Why did I not buy TMA at $7? Why did I not pick up CROX at $50? Why did I not purchase GRMN around $90? Do you get the theme?

By next month you will be asking yourself these same questions, only for every stock you know. The time to buy is now, don't miss out on this fire sale!

Note: I was busy all day, but noticed I was up huge in most of my positions. How about ANF? I'm up 10 points in a few weeks, I will likely take some off the table before the report tomorrow.


Jason said...


Dan said...

ANF has been a great retailer for many years now and its Hollister brand seems to be growing with similar strength to the original ANF. I will be watching its earnings closely as it is a good comp to one of my favorite stocks right now, J. Crew, reporting in a little over a week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cajun', WTF happened to DEEP? I just noticed that it got cut in half the last few months.

Grow Your Funds said...

GRMN at $90 I should have bought as well. Others I'm kicking myself about: AAPL at 111, WFR at 49, WB at 45, and BIDU at 162. There could well be another drop coming so I still have some cash, but some of those names won't get back down that low I don't think.


Ragin' Cajun said...


DEEP had on of the worst earnings reports! I have been out the name for a while, but must admit the stock looks attractive down here-- long term.