Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Stocks

Companies that stood out in my trip to Destin, Florida:
  • CROX [51.55] - It seems like a CROX nation
  • AAPL [122.20] - iPods all over the beach
  • ANF [76.29] - Hollister was everywhere, groups of kids wearing nothing but the shit.
  • UA [63.92] - Bathing suits, shirts, bags, tank-tops-- they were everywhere
  • GRMN [92.33] - On the drive up there, I noticed many people with after market navigation systems.
  • COH - [44.32] - Women everywhere sporting Coach bags!
  • ZQK [13.76] - DC clothing was very popular

I predict most of these stocks will see continued strength, and will have a great 3rd quarter-- theses stocks will be higher come December. (we will revisit these names later)

If I had to pick one stock from the list, I would pick ANF-- and I did. I sold my position in ERTS into strength on Friday, and added more ANF. Earnings out this week.

More updates later....

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Grow Your Funds said...

I like the list. I don't know about ZQK though, looks like the most risky of the picks to me. Retail is more risky than tech in this market I believe. If I had to pick one of these stocks I would go with GRMN, though AAPL is a close 2nd.