Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Sometimes I wonder why I blog, why expose myself to such "asshattery" by selling a stock only to watch it run another 10 points in a matter of hours? What happened? How could I miss the run? Simple answer, I was not focused! The stock was up huge afterhours after a great report, then opens up weak-- below my cost basis (I just watched all my gains disappear over night). I was so excited to see it get above my cost basis, I decided to take my profits and run. It didn't help either that I was rushing to get ready for work while on a phone interview with a local CPA firm. Anyway, I need to focus more when I trade, had I just pulled up a five minute candlestick chart, I believe I would have captured more of the move.

Besides that, what a fantastic day! I had man sized gains in most of my positions: FWLT, RIG, JBX, NVDA, BWLD, GOOG, GS, FMCN, ANF. Take a look at the moves my stocks made today, simply amazing!

Look folks, forget the bears take on the market-- we are going higher. We just had the pullback everyone was waiting for-- get on board!

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