Monday, July 23, 2007

What a Market!

I love this market! I'm almost convinced to buy all dips. Every time I do, I make more money. It feels as if mother market is my own personal ATM machine. I know as you read this, you must be thinking that we are near the top, with this internet stranger claiming to have his own personal ATM. I say keeping thinking these strange things, while I buy more stock.

Don't you get it? Companies are cheap, and are getting bought out left and right. Every week we have another huge deal that brings the market higher, look at RIG and GSF.

Well, I'm having another good day, with nice gains in ANF, CROX, NTRI, AAPL, and BWLD.

1 comment:

IIO said...

mmmm that RIG deal was nice. I wish I could share your optimism on the market.