Thursday, July 26, 2007

VLCM: Bought @ 44.36

VLCM a Danny Favorite, reports after the bell. I have been waiting to get into this stock, I feel now is a good time. This is not an earnings play! I did not load up the boat, I put on half my position now, and will put the rest on later.


Danny said...

margins crushed from what I am guessing is increased sg&a costs related to EU expansion. I am not worried that they can keep costs in line, because they did the first year, this being year 2/2 for EU investment. Backing out those costs the core business appears strong. I have not listened to the cc yet. big support at 41-42, would be bad if it broke there. But I still very much like vlcm.

I am going to call around to some insidish people to check in n stuff.

Danny said...

maybe crushed is too strong a word, but you get my point