Monday, July 16, 2007

MVIS above $5.10

According to "Trader X the Great" MVIS looks to explode if it can move pass resistance-- above $5.10. I will be going (more) long above $5.10. This is a beautiful Chart!

If you are unfamiliar with Trader X, he might be one of the best stock bloggers to ever walk the blogosphere, and a master at candlestick charting. I have learned much from him, and I am sad to see him gone.

Brian from Alpha trends, another great chartist, has a great video on a possible short squeeze in MCHX-- a Fly favorite. For other potential squeezes check this guy out.

Contest Update - Fly still holds the #1 spot.


Danny said...

i didn't realize the MVIS chart was so prime. I like that. By the way, I voted GOOG to 600.

Trading Goddess said...

ummmm, what are you talking about - "Trader X"?

zillionaire said... the moon!!