Sunday, July 1, 2007

Introducing Poo Poo Broussard

Taken from the cajun boy in the city

a phenomenon that is sweeping through cajun country and is poised to take the nation by storm.

that aforementioned phenomenon is poopoo broussard.

poopoo broussard is the creation of james carrier, a 34 year old married father from carencro, a small cajun town north of lafayette that is most famously the hometown of musician marc broussard and new england patriots running back kevin faulk. carrier and his buddies recorded a video of him doing an imitation of a backwoods cajun complaining about his lips being chapped and posted it on youtube. the clip spread virally like wildfire. the masses then began to clamor for more of poopoo. carrier and his friends then decided to record a series of "poopooisms" and to post those on the net as well. a legend of sorts has since been born in mere weeks since the first clip was posted.

i gotta tell you, as someone who spent the first 30 years of his life in south louisiana, this guy's impression of a coonass cajun is dead-on. the accent, the cadence, EVERYTHING!


this is not really that much of an exaggeration, which is one of the reasons that it's so damn funny to me. poopoo broussard is alot like some of the old cajuns that i grew up around who would sit on their front porch all day long and pontificate on life and just listening to them speak in the manner in which they did was pure hilarity. the crazy thing about it though is that once you get past the hysterical lunacy and the odd manner in which they speak, there was usually more than a smidgen of genuine wisdom to be found in what they said. the same is kinda true for the "poopooisms."

now, i have to warn you. if you have never spent any significant amount of time in south louisiana, this might not even seem funny to you. but if you have spent time in south louisiana, you will probably find this hysterical.

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