Friday, July 27, 2007

What a Week!

I'm glad the week is over! I think after everything settles over the weekend the bulls will realize everything is okay, grab their balls, and start buying with both fists. I am happy with how I played this week, I made a little money, and best of all I am up for the week-- thanks to CROX, AAPL, MVIS, FFIV, CELG and ICE.

I think next week we will see 52 week highs in oil, and If the market jitters settle, I think it's off to the races for energy related stocks. So I decided to add to my position in VLO, after all it has had a monster pull-back plus earnings are around the corner, coupled with all-time energy prices, not to mention peak hurricane season, I figured I wouldn't hurt to add a little to my existing position. I also like RIG down here too-- earnings next week as well.

I will be busy all weekend, make sure to check out Broker A's blog he will be having a few guest bloggers, it should be fun over there!

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