Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Earnings Ahead

Happy 4th of July everyone.

With earnings season ahead, three option plays have caught my eye. These are highly speculative and should be treated as gambling really but nevertheless are interesting. July expiration is on the 20th.

DNA July 80 calls $0.50 -reports on the 11th.
EBAY July 35 calls $0.20 - reports on the 18th
EBAY August 35 calls - $0.50 - I like these a little better than the July calls.

Note: has TZOO earnings on the 19th but it's not confirmed. Yahoo Finance does not show a date. Basically if earnings aren't on the 19th than the July calls are worthless.

TZOO July 30 calls - $0.15 - only a potential play if they report on the 19th
TZOO August 30 calls - $0.85 - If the company has a strong report these will make bank over the July calls but you are risking 6x as much capital.

Again, no recommending anything but these caught my eye doing research tonight.


Anonymous said...

you should start a new website called sbd's options alerts dot com.

Trading Goddess said...


What is the status of SDB? Has it gone by the "wayside"? I sent you an email to your gmail... ???

btw, whenever you find Ragin, lol!, I would like to know what the current status is for his Stock of the Year contest. My pick, GOOG, hit a new all-time closing high. :)

ShortDaBull said...

sdb blows, lol. I haven't checked my gmail in a while. ha.

Ragin, last I heard he was hitchhiking to new york in order to beg Fly for a job.