Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back up and Running

Well, I just got back from Geek Squad, over at BBY, they told me my computer was fried, from what looks like to be internet laser beams, and I needed a new computer. So I bought a new laptop, AAPL of course, logged into blogger, lo and behold, my blog was back! Truly amazing!

Anyway, what a day today! I love volatility, and refuse to turn into a bear fucker like my friend Woodshedder. I will continue to pick at my favorite names, maybe even buy a few stocks owned by this guy. Howard is defiantly banking coin, congrats on all the great picks, ie BIDU, CMG, NVT. (Just to name a few)

Well, ERTS earnings out after the close tomorrow, it's do or die day for me. NO IT'S NOT IDIOTS, I didn't tell you it was an earnings play, I told you it's a buy because of Madden and NCAA-- This is how I'm playing it, I bought 200 shares on Monday with plans to buy 300 more shares on any dip.

Now run along, and go play with charts, with hopes to figure out where the market is heading. I, happened to have bought the movie 300, so it's dinner and a movie for me.

Note: Gio has some more interesting stuff on IBD - Check out the IBD Elite

I will be out all day tomorrow, have fun losing money!


Another Brian said...

To bad to see that you got your blog back up. No, just kidding. Those geek squad guys cool, they can even bounce back from laser beams, way worse than a trojan!!

Good to have you back.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Thanks Brian!