Saturday, June 2, 2007

ShortDaBull Is Back!

During my travels this past month, I missed all your internet folk. I see many things have happened. MVIS over $5, Fly up 40%, Wallstrip bought out, little Cajun graduated. Quite the month of May I must say.

Stay tuned. ShortDaBull wants to cash in on this internet buyout craziness and has something up his sleeve. You know it'll be good!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back SDB.

Fucktard said...

Hey SDB, when did you get out of the whoscrow, and what was your prison nickname?

Glad you're back. I keep hearing folks ask if I'm really you, but I really don't see any resemblance.

ShortDaBull said...

I've been called a fucktard that's maybe why?