Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Woke Up Late With No Arms!

I just woke up, yes I know it's noon already, I usually never sleep this late, but today is dead day and I decided to go out last night to let off some steam. What is dead day, you ask? It is a day the college gives students a break--no finals are given today.

Well I woke up and discovered DNDN down $10, I immediately thought of the phase, "I hate Biotech stocks, they are like little time bombs-- waiting to blow off your arms, via FDA denial." Lucky for me, I was playing with the house's money on this trade, but I still hate to see my stocks down $10!

KNOT looks strong, I'm already up 6%, I may take it off the table before the close.

Off to study at the Library, I have two finals tomorrow.

Ps. Fly, thank you for LNN

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