Friday, May 4, 2007

Week Ending Comments

I had a great overall week in the market with one exception, DIVX! Jones Soda (JSDA) could have destroyed me, but closed a dollar away from my basis (I sold the majority of my position before earnings.). Hopefully HANS, a current position of mine, and a FLY favorite, will crush estimates making me more money and bringing JSDA higher in sympathy. I will probably sell my remaining position in JSDA on any strength Monday.

CROX made me so much money, I think I will go buy a pair.

Current Positions: DNDN, ICE, MA, BWLD, HANS, MRVL, RIG, GS and DEEP made me smile all week. SHLD, IBKR, and GOOG made me frown. No emotions were felt with NYX, MVIS, FMCN, and AAPL.

You are watching a student of the market make a transition to the professional level!

I have finals next week so trading may be light. To my readers, Have a great weekend, I have to go to work!

I will leave you with a former Ragin' Cajun, Ali Landry - Miss America '96/Doritos girl.


Anonymous said...

Since you bring up Ali Landry... What ever happened to 3D doritos?

Ragin' Cajun said...

haha, I'm not sure, but they were good!