Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Poll

Please take the new survey, should KNOT ($20.94) be bought before earnings? If you are not familiar with the company please visit these links before voting:
FYI: 5/4/07 Institutional holdings of KNOT increased significantly


matt c. said...

eh i know what they say about news and surprises coming in the direction of the trend. maybe it's worth a speculative trade with a small share size.

there is a very large short position in KNOT. about 13% of the float is short. however most of those guys are probably in a profitable position and aren't weak holders. regardless, it'll be squeeeeeeeeeze time if there are blowout numbers.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I think the time is now for KNOT. The stock is cheap, trading at 25x earnings, I mean the company is only growing at a measly 30% clip.

With everything else taking off in the net, if they report some decent numbers, this thing could explode.

Ragin' Cajun said...

One more thing to add, If you give KNOT the same valuation as say Priceline PCLN, or any other company on the net, this thing is easily worth 30 bucks. And, the company is growing at a faster clip!

I feel the downside is limited and it may be time to start building a position. Wedding season is upon us and have you seen the seasonality performance for August.

I will start my position on Monday with the intent to buy more if the stocks gets hit.

matt c. said...

good nailed ICE the other day and this market has great momentum..we'll see.