Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Today was a fantastic day, with one minor speed bump. I got a chance to get on the golf course and played really well for the first time.

I'm pretty new at the sport, having only played about seven times in my life, and I must say, it is an addictive sport. My first three holes were terrible, I shanked my drive to the right every time! I put my driver in my bag, and refused to touch it for the rest of the day. I started driving with my 3 iron. I'm pretty surgical with my irons for a beginner, at least I think I am, and played a hell of a lot better. My confidence grew, as I was on the green instead of the trees. I was taking simple swings instead of powerful stokes and performed better.

I instantly compared that to the way I invest. Lately, I have been swinging for the fences, betting on earnings-- gambling you may say, sometimes I hit a straight shot, most of the time I shank it. I want to focus more on simple swings, with great accuracy, and stay away from the tress (losses).

Will this stop me from betting on earnings? Probably not, hey I'm young and have room to take risk. But, this has showed me that it is much more fun to play when your on the green (or in the green).

Note: I had a great day in the market with "Man Sized Gains" in: MA, BWLD, ICE, RIG, CROX, DNDN and JSDA.


matt c. said...

try teeing off with a 3 wood or 5 wood if you have one. what did you shoot? i have played for years and have yet to break 100. i've come close (101) but it is an extremely difficult sport to master. between the ears is where it costs me :)

Ragin' Cajun said...

I recently bought a $1000 set on Titleist irons at a pawn shop for $220, they did not come with any woods, I need to buy one. I do have a hybrid and use that from time to time, it works well.

I shot a 102, which is my best game yet. Not that great I know, but I am improving.

matt c. said...

a 102 and you have played golf a grand total of 7 times? that's amazing.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Like I said, I was pretty pleased with my performance. Never have I shot that good.

TraderCaddy said...

Good score. You can pick up a used Driver or better yet a new one (that is an older model) just about anywhere. You can try Ebay or go online (Edwin Watts) for a good deal. My problem is that I am not that good although I have been playing for years off and on and before I tee off people think I'm good because my son is a +3.3 hdcp. and on a college golf scholarship.
I'm grateful that Titleist and Ping supplies him with whatever he needs -its saved me $$$ that I spend taking him to various tournaments to play.
I know he has played several tournaments in the La. area-Carter Plantation and Squire Creek. Keep it up .