Wednesday, May 2, 2007

DNDN: Bought @ 16.50

Added to my position.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajin,

I'm in the DNDN trade as well...what's your exit plan? I'm debating if I should ride it thru the FDA call.


Anonymous said...

sorry, meant Ragin'

Ragin' Cajun said...

If we get a big spike in the next few days, I will likely sell my position. I think the FDA call should provide enough momentum to carry the trade higher up until that date. I will likely sell right before the call, it's not worth the risk.


Thanks Ragin'...what is the downside risk? 4-5 bucks....the upside would punch it to 29-30 share from what I have been reading. So +14 to minus 5 (if this is accurate) is worth a look. I'm still not sure...going to see how things unfold as we get closer to May 15. I'm with you as far as controlling risk....but this might be worth it.


Ragin' Cajun said...

I think the downside would be about 12 points!


I read some articles on Seeking Alpha that think the downside risk is not very big. Everyday, more and more signs of a positive outcome keep popping up...up-grades, doctors' comments...etc.

It is interesting. I may take some off the table after this run and let some ride thru the FDA announcement.

Good luck to you which ever way you end up plying this one out.