Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Contest Update

Broker A, from FlyonWallStreet, is killing the competition with a 48% gain in Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD). You can now view the current results, with up-to-date data, on the right sidebar under the title MadStocks/Contest.
For those interested in making a similar list or perhaps a watch list, Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to do. Give it a try, type the following formula in any cell and Google will automatically update the data for you:
Formula: =GoogleFinance("GOOG")

Update: If I do not have your blog linked in the contest, drop me your site in the comment section. I lost my original data when I changed my blog format.

Note: If anybody knows an easy way to do this in excel please leave me a comment, I have tried numerous times, but have not been able to. I want the quote price in one cell, next to the symbol, and it gives me a bunch of data in many cells with information I don't need.


Broker A said...

can't open spreadsheet.

Firefox says no.

Naturally, I will win this contest.

Ragin' Cajun said...



Hi ragin',

The Mindspeed (MSPD) pick was mine back when I was anonymous. Now I'm a Blogged up :)

LargeBill said...

Ragin' Cajun,

Hope finals are going well. Here is a link to my blog for the contest. I have ESLR and unfortunately I didn't trust it enough as I sold before it got that high. :-)