Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Burned By DIVX

My stomach hurts after seeing DIVX trade in after-hours, or maybe it's because I have to give a speech, final presentation for MGMT 490, on Ford Motor company in about two hours. I hate speaking in front of classmates, and it just got worse because the whole time I'm up there, I will be thinking about the loss in DIVX.

Oh well, GSF and ICE will come through for me in the morning. If they disappoint, don't even bother checking in on my blog tomorrow, as I will be throwing my laptop out the window!


TraderCaddy said...

I know the feeling of a big loss (no I didn't own DIVX). My losses usually involved trying to catch a falling knife-which I don't attempt anymore. I always believed that if there is a dead cat bounce (or not) the next morning to dump it and don't look back. Good luck on that presentation. Coincidentally, my son in college called me today telling me about the presentation on Toyota he had to do in his marketing class. It was supposed to be a group project but had to do it himself since he missed it last week being out playing a golf tournament.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I will take my loss like a man and move on.

The presentation went OK, I'm glad it's over. I hope your son did well.

BTW, I will be playing 18 holes tomorrow, hopefully it helps me feel better.

matt c. said...

i absolutely hate public speaking; i just finished a public speaking class at college. gave 6 speeches in one semester of various lengths. reduced my fear of giving a speech to the 15 or so people who were in that class, but definitely didn't reduce the fear in general.

i sure wish i had a tournament to play in tomorrow; i'll be mowing the yard and stripping wallpaper in the kitchen while maybe looking for trading opportunities. fun fun fun.

matt c. said...

by the way, i'm not really sure i like your chances on ICE tomorrow. "news and surprises come in the direction of the trend." but we'll see.