Monday, May 7, 2007

2 done 3 more to go!

I am finished with my two finals today, and they went really well. While taking breaks from studying, I was checking in on the market. I must say I am pleased to see what went on, AAPL looked strong all day and HANS, what a turnaround, I have to admit, if I was not up to my head in books, I might have sold this thing down $2. However, I am in this since the low $30 and really believe in the company, and it doesn’t hurt that my good friend “The Fly” loves the stock. I think that’s what keeps me in the name, or maybe it’s the case of Monsters I threw down last night cramming for finals.

Ok, what did I buy today? You think I didn't buy anything because I had two finals? Wrong! I love the market and will never stop trading, here are my buys throughout the day:

KNOT: Bought @ 20.96
FST: Bought @ 37.00
BRNC: Bought @ 18.70

More updates later, I have to run!

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