Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love being a trader!

This day will go in the record books, I made a ridiculous amount of money today. My largest position, AAPL, is now trading above $100. Then there is NTRI, sweet NTRI, I have to give all the credit to "The FLY" for giving me conviction to hold. Yes, I did sell half my position due to his cautious words in the a.m., but 5 minutes before the close I got an itch to buy back my shares plus some due to the bullish price action leading up to the close.

Mad Money was made today, and the best part about all this is the market is going a lot higher. 2007 will be a year to remember!

...and to think I almost bought FFIV right before the close, check out Mdaws comments.

Oh yea one more thing, I was up huge in BHI, RIG, GSF, GS, CROX

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