Friday, April 27, 2007

DNDN: Bought @ 15.30

That's all today, I have a tennis match to attend. See ya'll later this weekend.

Update: One last trade before I go, I bought NOV @ 87.50. I might be chasing it up here, but I feel this stock has a one way ticket to $100. Lord forbid we have another hurricane, but if we do, this thing will fly to $125 in a heartbeat. I will be adding to this position on weakness.


IIO said...

I'm a big NOV fan. Earnings were great! I bought it a couple months ago and plan to continue holding it at least until next quarter.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I almost feel like I'm chasing it all the way up here, but the fundamentals are fantastic and plan to hold it long-term. If we get a big spike due to a hurricane, I will likely sell it into strength. I see this being the ultimate hurricane play and will add on weakness.

IIO said...

I wouldn't worry about chasing it. I've missed to many gains waiting for stocks to pull back. Just last week, I failed to act on TWIN and it closed the week up 10%.

I just remembered you were the one (I think) that I purchased GSF about a month ago. Do you still have it? It broke out on nice volume to a new 52 week high Friday.

I'd be interested to see what else you own. Do you list your stocks anywhere on your site? You should check out the stockalicious widget, if you want.

Ragin' Cajun said...

I hear you. I waited for a pull-back in this name and never got one. I finally bit the bullet and bought some after another beautiful quarter. It's one of those stocks I just want to put away and forget I own it.