Saturday, April 14, 2007


New York, NY - The blogger known as KidStock (also now officialy known as TheCrackTrader) has broken the record for losing the most money in one week in the history of blogs.

Based on his trading record and a poorly thought out "All In" on VLO puts, sources say that the man has not only lost his $50k account but now has to work the e*Trade customer service phones to pay off his margin debt.

While his original pursuit of the cash on his blog, 50kto5m, was noble, TheCrackTrader's trade hopping and mad contradictions turned out to be his downfall.

Citing his blog one can read under "About Me" thoughts straight from the man himself: " I prefer to wait until a trend has started rather than anticipate when one will begin."

That description is followed up by posts like this one where drug fueled emotions lead the man to proclaim "Yes, we are going into a bear market. Act accordingly..."

Truly this is one amusing blogger.


Broker A said...


Kick a man while he's down. I like your style.

Remember who fired him?

kidstock said...

I love the pic. Glad I am here to amuse you fuckers-

Fly - do you EVER sleep?